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Billy Xiong Roof Repair Services
Billy Xiong Roof Repair Services

Billy Xiong is a licensed construction and development contractor. For over 20 years, Billy Xiong has provided construction services to over 10,000 satisfied clients. In this article, Mr. Xiong attempts to explain roof repair and choosing the appropriate contractor for the job.

  • How do I know if I need a new roof or just roof repair?

There is a big difference between purchasing a new roof, or just repairing the existing one. A roof should always be checked. You should keep tabs of its state. The following are signs that you may need a new roof.

· Your roof is between twenty and twenty five years old.
· The shingles are excessively cracking, curling, or they are blistering.
· There are many shingles that are missing and/are torn or damaged.
· The roof is leaking in many places.

  • How much does a new roof cost?

There is no definitive answer as to how much a new roof will cost, however you can contact Billy Xiong for an estimate. There are a variety of considerations needed before an estimate can be given. From that information, a price quotation or an estimate could be done.

Some of the considerations are:

· Size of roof
· Materials to be used
· Location of house (this is needed to determine which materials would be best for that area’s weather)
· Is it for a new house or a re roofing
· State costs and taxes
· Type of home

After that, you can have several contractors bid on the project to get the best price.

  • When re-roofing, should I peel off old layers or simply add a new layer of shingles?

It is recommended by Billy Xiong that you add a new layer of shingles to your roof. Scrapping the old layers will just consume more time and energy, and at the same time by peeling off, the thickness of the shingles are decreasing, leading to possible leakages in the future. By adding new layers of shingles onto your roof, it protects the inner part of the roof and provides you relief against further leakages. Obviously, it would be a lot cheaper.

  • What kinds of questions should I ask a roofing contractor?

Getting a roof contractor to do your roof needs a little certainty and guarantee. You can ask the following questions to the contractor to erase doubts regarding his/her services:

• Ask your roofing contractor questions with regards to their standing in their field of expertise. It will give you a hint whether they are really offering quality service to their clients.

• Ask questions with regards to their operation. This includes whether they have necessary permits and licenses to operate such business, and if they are carrying insurance in case there are unforeseen incidents that may happen during the construction.

• And lastly, ask questions with regards to the actual roofing constructions and the post-construction services and warranty. Inquire if they can explain to you in layman’s terms how they will construct your roofing, what materials are going to be used, and what services and warranties they offer in case leakages or damages happened to your roof within a time period after construction.

  • What kinds of questions should I ask references of a roofing contractor?

Sometimes, you need referrals from people who know the roofing contractor’s work you are considering, especially when you are unfamiliar with that type of business. As the roofing contractor for references, especially from customers who have had work done by him. Questions like the following can be asked of your references of a roofing contractor:

• Initially, Billy Xiong suggests asking questions with regards to their relationship with the contractor. Maybe the contractor is a friend or a relative of your reference. That will give you an idea how well that reference knows the contractor.

• You can inquire if they have acquired the services of the roofing contractor. Ask them if they have personally witnessed the construction of their roof, and at the same time letting your reference talk about the quality of service.

• Lastly, ask queries on the reliability of their service, if it withstands the different outside elements surrounding the roof. In this way, you will have no doubt of the integrity of the contractor because the reference himself will tell all.

Billy Xiong Roof Repair Services
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Billy Xiong Roof Repair Services
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